one trick pony

i wonder
as a writer & an artist
i am like those
who can only play one
no matter how excellent
they may be at that
they can never move past being
that guy
i wonder
i am a one trick pony
always drawing
the same face
always writing
in the same voice.

serious anxieties here folks. could i live with having a limited range? being a bill murray instead of a denzel washington?
i see other artists who do just the one style–doing it really well–& i do not judge them for it…
so why am i so hard on myself?
(rhetorical question–i totally know why)

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  1. You bring up a very good question….one I am intimately familiar with. Many years ago I had an art show (I was just painting at the time) and one of the visitors remarked after looking around…..”Oh, I thought this was an exhibit of several different artists”. I have never had a “style”…just created what I felt like, and those creations can look very different. One way of looking at this is the metaphor of having one very deep well, as opposed to having a lot of more shallow wells to drink from. I don’t suppose there is any inherent better or worse in being one way or the other….we just are what we are…ya know? But I have often wondered what it would be like…sometimes wished…that I had a deep well to draw from. When I look at your paintings, they are very different….One Trick Pony Mama is very different from Kali Mama, and I can feel their mood difference. One Trick Pony Mama, with her dreamy eyed anxiety is very different from Kali Mama who is poised to cut somebody’s heart out. In the course of a week, you (we) are all of them…and they all have their place and their say. We do what we do and we are who we are…in the week…the day…the hour……and it’s all just perfect….don’t you think? Thanks.

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    1. thank you!
      i totally deposited your check & of course did not record your contact information. i have done two versions of “household gods” (aka kali mama) and am not sure of either of them. right now they are packaged up together as a flip side…i will put them in today’s post & you can take either or both of them or i can go for a third’s the charm….
      my email is

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    2. i have tried for years to break free of my style…but have half-way accepted that i do definitely have a style…. some days are better than others. other days i study up on other people’s styles….

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