my household gods

this one just kinda
jumped out of me
fully formed
from my head
a household god
fed on peanut butter whiskey
& i.p.a’s
a protector
as well as a tormentor
as my fortune cookie
once told me
there is danger
in getting

she took up two pages of my art journal. here are scanned pages.


4 thoughts on “my household gods

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  1. wowza. altho I probably would forego the PB whiskey, (or should there have been a comma after the peanut butter?), I would get comfortable with HER…..Kali mama that she is! p.s. I stole a screenshot of this. If she comes up on the auction block, let me know.


  2. no, you heard me right–peanut butter whiskey. it tastes like if you were eating popcorn & drinking whiskey. i have a weakness for sweet whiskeys & this is the only one i can find in viroqua. it is called “screwball” so that endears me to it as well. i prefer chocolate whiskey & am guilty or putting maple syrup in my bourban & scotch….
    i will totally make a finished version of ANY art journal inking of mine. it might not be identical, but i will not stop trying until it is at least as good as the original.
    screenshots are totally welcome.
    ps. i was thinking of you today wondering if i should get a tattoo of “comforting the disturbed & disturbing the comfortable”…i’m pretty sure that is exactly how i live my life (hence the perceived contradictions in my behavior!)

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  3. there is one called Downtown Toodleoo Rock & Rye, made by Lacrosse Distillery (also certified organic by MOSA) that is good and sweet. It has maple syrup. I bought a bottle at Quillins, and would buy it again, tho I lean towards Kentucky Straight bourbon, or if Scotch, Glen Livet. (I will drink cheap bourbon, but not cheap scotch.)
    OK, I’d buy a finished version of Kali Mama. Somehow, she strikes close to home….a little heaven…a lotta hell (real like life). Although I understand what you mean by contradictions…I do not see them as such…..we simply cannot (Should I emphasize that) have one side of phenomena without the other…..that’s not philosophy…it’s physics. The thing about you….is that you are being genuine and truthful about your experience in this paradoxical existence, and most folks don’t want Truth…..they want to hear what they think OUGHT to be the truth. That bullshit is dead, and not very interesting. I’ll post one tomorrow that speaks to this. I appreciate your creative aliveness. Thank you.

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