the wind beneath my wings

i thought i should seek
a man who could be
my anchor
my rock
my straight man
is that what’s really
for me?
being a wonder-seeker
wanting to be amazed
by the magic
in my every
shouldn’t i ask for
a fellow seeker?
to wonder with
to be amazed by
don’t want to be
to a relationship…
i want to soar
with someone
who lifts me

thoughts on relationships. i am on a manhunt (it’s a witchy thing) for the month of november. working magic to bring a reality. clarifying what it is exactly i want.
i was telling my friend about the two relationships i had where i felt a bond as a companion rather than a battle for power with a captor (like many of my other relationships.) my friend said, “so you really want that close bond?” (she is a polygamist)
and now, for the first time in my life without any flinching, i am ready to admit–yes
i want a bonded relationship with a man
that doesn’t mean i am not a fierce kick-ass warrior…i can be independent & be in a relationship. i can have both identities and feel good about it.

3 thoughts on “the wind beneath my wings

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  1. It was a beautiful day when I came to understand that it is okay to want what I want, regardless of how what I want does or does not fit the prevailing cultural attitude(s). As long as I am kind, what should it matter to someone else, and why would they not want my happiness? Desiring a mate is not only biologically hardwired, but spiritually reflective of our existential predicament as conscious beings. A Yoga of Relationship. Yes, you can have both identities and feel good….in fact, that might be one of our highest callings… create material, emotional, sexual, intellectual peace with another being while our hearts are open in the hell of uncertainty and darkness…..searching for the Light. I mean….if we can’t find peaceful existence in our own heart with one other human, how can we expect it anyplace else in our world? You have a beautiful worthy vision, and I wish for you that it becomes a reality. Thank you for your authentic sharing.

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    1. thank you! i have struggled with my duality (smashing the patriarchy & just wanting to cuddle on the couch with that special somebody) & am just now learning how to celebrate it instead of quashing it. thank you for your support & encouragement!

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      1. You’re welcome. Funny…I am a grandfather who is much older than you, but smashing the patriarchy and cuddling on the couch with a special somebody sounds like my own vision. It goes to show how similar we all are in our common spiritual heart with the same needs and desires, regardless of our age or gender, etc., yet also similarly compromised by the endless myriad of dualistic doubts and worries. As I have gotten older, it has become easier to side with the gentle voice of the heart. Best to you. Thank you.

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