pretty picture

pretty picture
they say
how much?
i tell them
& they walk away
i spin
am i asking
too much?
ink is cheap
paper too
i put so much of myself
in every
years & years
of trying
of failing
of hurting
of growing
of figuring shit out
pretty lady
they say
what are you worth?
any price
i put on me
is going to be
too much
walk away.

i have now a diminished idea of what my inkings are worth. so if you want some, now would be the time to buy!
conversely, i now have the highest self-esteem i have ever had since childhood. did i have self-esteem in childhood? i can’t remember for sure. i mean, sometimes i can’t tell the difference between self-esteem & just not giving a fuck.

last day of inktober.

tomorrow starts nanowrime & my first year ever doing it.

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  1. I will be buying something when my next paycheque comes in. Don’t take the lack of sales too personally- things are tight for lots of people these days. Art might take a back seat to electricity, food, and rent for a lot of folks. It sucks for a lot of musicians right now too who relied on live gigs that are no longer happening (for now). A lot of them have gone online and turned to YouTube, podcasts, etc., because that’s where the audience went: at home, stuck and a bit lonely for people’s faces and voices. We’re all getting a shakeup. I wonder where on Maslow’s hierarchy art falls? Not as high as it probably should, in these times. I hope you and your family are well. I am sure you will find your best channels.

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      1. I’ll put an order in this weekend! I think my PayPal wallet might have some room. The wait times on getting funds into that thing are a bit annoying. What exactly does PayPal do with our money for the 5-10 business days it takes for them to let us have it?

        I’m also working on a side project involving paying a small amount of Bitcoin in exchange for original, open-source content (stories, poems, visuals). A bit of a random question, but do you (or somebody you know) happen to take Bitcoin?

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