apples & oranges

when apple peddlers
in masks
at the farmer’s market
look at me
for confessing
i eat an apple a day
to stay healthy
…i know
the world
has gone mad.

i am a big believer in what you put in your body. i eat organic & non gmo as much as possible.
but, we live in a world, where we are fed processed foods…no one doing anything to get us clean air, clean water…but, yes, put on a fucking mask to stay healthy.
of course, i do have a head cold at the moment–but i am blaming the fucking stress for my health, not my refusal to wear a mask.
i am so fucking stressed out–by the state of they world…by the struggles of a single mom….
however, i don’t believe a mask is going to save me. good food might save me?
and, yes, i want my immune system to have access to all the stuff it needs to keep me alive–which includes germs.
i want oxygen reaching my brain & blood cells, etc. which means, yes, a mask is a bad idea.
so now i have a cold.
is that a bad thing?
i feel like i should be wearing a scarlet letter for daring to get sick in a world where everyone is being conditioned to be a germaphobe.

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