sage advice from my mum

touch bird feathers
you’ll get lice
walk barefoot
you’ll get tetanus
feed strays
they’ll never go away
forget to do your kegels
you’ll be incontinent
even though
i’m not so good
at following directions
i still worry
lice & tetanus
as i run around barefoot
collecting bird feathers
& i still feed those strays
though i know
they really will
go away
i have faithfully
done my kegels
through childhood
& into adulthood
before–during–& after
four pregnancies
you know what
i still occasionally
pee my pants
i have always been
very popular with the boys
(thanks, mom!)

first a journal page about my sacrum & now i’m on about my kegels (& benefits of)
i did draw a medicine card of an inverted blue heron telling me that i need to come up for air & take a break from being deep in the self-analyzing fun ride i have been on for…for how long now? forever it seems.
so maybe i just need to journal about my kegels.
or that’s what’s happening anyway.

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