this culture of patriarchy

it doesn’t just happen
in my bedroom
it happens…
fuck me
it happens everywhere
in this culture
of patriarchy
women being
shut down
women being
turned off
told they are
being inappropriate
too cold
too friendly
not worth loving
not worth listening to
keep quiet
& do your job
(that’s not really a job
not real work
not men’s work)
stop asking questions
stop rocking the boat
stop being so naive
open your legs
& shut your mouth
shut your legs
& have some
(but not too much now)

talking to women friends about relationships has me realizing how ingrained this behavior is in our cultures & societies.
it fucking sucks.
i have to deal with patriarchy bullshit every day everywhere…i don’t want to have to deal with it in a relationship. i don’t want my so-called best friend treating me like i’m second-class. the man i love treating me like i’m disposable.
so fucking sucks.

2 thoughts on “this culture of patriarchy

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  1. Yea I know that the religion of Islam has women being a lesser person than men. but in the west, the feminist movement and gender equality two separate things maybe, has been increasingly popular over the past 100 years.


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