when i’m fifty

since i’ve turned
i’ve gotten a leech
for the first
while wading in a cool pool
of water
since i’ve turned
i’ve gotten stung
by a wasp
for the first
in the face even….
neither were
as scary as
i imagined
all these years
i wonder what
wait for me in
this second half
of my

two more first that hopefully are happening sooner rather than later: my first book & my first art show….
i’ve always believed in facing fears…maybe fifty is my time to amp that up a bit.

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  1. OMG I forgot to ask you! We are doing an invite only anthology and we’re looking for some artwork that represents the pandemic? Are you interested in submitting anything? I didn’t have your email so I didn’t send you the call out – maybe one of the other editors did? But if you did not get it – would you be interested? The deadline is soon but I might be able to extend it for you – if you have done any art work you would like to feature in this anthology about the pandemic and recent events (it’s called AS THE WORLD BURNS) then LMK? My email is candicelouisa@rocketmail.com and I’d love to see your artwork in this collection! I’m so sorry for not reaching out sooner.

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  2. Some great things to look forward to though really not sure about the leech business…we don’t really get them here as far as I know but they always seemed to feature in films in the eighties and you would inevitably need a large knife to remove them. Good luck with that…

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