instead of all this buzzing

my brain feels
like a wasps’ nest
(is the world on fire?)
why do i see
one thing
& everyone else
how can i speak
& no one hears me
(is the gaslight on?)
makes sense
another day
of feeling like
i will
crawl out of my skin
everyone else
acts like it’s business
as usual
(is it over yet?)

while i revel in posting my innermost turmoil…i avoid posting about the turmoil in the world–topics that might cause someone to yell at me. i don’t like being yelled at. i don’t like feeling like i am not being heard. i left facebook a million years ago so i wouldn’t be subject to all the weird politics of social media.
right now
i am on the unpopular side of current events. okay…lots of times i am on the unpopular side.
do i talk about it? or just write vague art journal pages alluding to it?

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