dreams of cherry blossoms

this is…a curvy mermaid?
dreaming of orchards & springtime?

here’s a funny story…i got 86ed from a tattoo parlor before even setting foot in the door.
okay…not funny?
i contacted them weeks ago. they told me, after i email in some ideas, that jake was the artist for me.
but he isn’t taking clients right now, so wait.
so i waited & waited & finally he schedules me for a “consultation.”
so i cancel other appointments, pack up my kids & drive them two hours away.
i am in the shower, getting ready to go to the “consultation” when i get a phone call telling me that jake can’t see me. that he isn’t interested in doing my tattoo. that he is taking his art in another direction.
i’m pissed, of course.
why didn’t he decide this weeks ago when i first sent my ideas in?
why did they tell me i should choose jake as an artist?
so i ask questions. why didn’t he decide this a lot fucking sooner? are there any other artists available? etc.
they kept apologizing, and then telling me it was my fault for trying to force an artist to do work he didn’t want to do.
what the fuck?
no no no–i want artists to do work they want to do!
this went on a loop for awhile until they finally told me no one there would do a tattoo for me???
and then i told them to go fuck themselves & cried for two days.
not because i couldn’t get a tattoo…but because i couldn’t even get them to understand/listen to what i was saying….
fuck a duck.

& then there is all the covid bullshit.
same story.
arguing a point with someone who won’t even listen.
i’m exhausted.


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