thoughts on the false apostle

this is based on a journal page from a few months back…. i did it on watercolor paper with bamboo pen & ink brush…

i’m trying to sell art…plus i have a book or two coming out soon…i am trying to make myself more professional & all that jazz…so i upgraded my website. the problem is, i am not at all web savvy.
any suggestions?
anyone know what to do to put my desk in order? (so to speak)

2 thoughts on “thoughts on the false apostle

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  1. The colours and lines are wonderful. A lot of your stuff reminds me of stained glass. Really great artwork.

    I also struggle with marketing, for lack of a better word. Lots of work and learning involved. I keep subscribing to the Things but I don’t know how to adjust the dials.

    Do you have your PayPals and Patreons in order?

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    1. i need to get buttons on here for paypal & patreon. another to-do. i am thinking about getting internet (gasp!) for my home so i can get some stuff done…& have access to mindless entertainment since the library is no longer putting out….
      thank you! i am way too influenced by my catholic upbringing. it shows up in my art a lot 🙂


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