“confusion perfume” will be continued after this quick question…

i began the comic/graphic novel in progress, moses jones: apocalyptic mama, in 2013/14.
since then, my style has changed a bit…grown & improved??
i want to re-dedicate myself to working on my comics (i have done only one page of moses jones this year–but, you know, packing up, living on a bus all summer, moving a time or two…)
what i am wondering–should i go back & re-do all the old pages in (hopefully) better artwork…
or should i just continue on with it, letting the style change from page to page?

above is a recent rough of mojo & her minions. follow this link to all the pages i have done to date.

also, how do the slideshow pages work out for y’all? and if they are crap…does anyone know how to change them?


4 thoughts on ““confusion perfume” will be continued after this quick question…

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  1. Ohhh that’s a hard one, because I like those first ones so much…. hhmmm… I mean, I’d say once the general storyline is done and you are ready to finish it all, maybe redo it all in one style BUT I do love the earlier style a lot. I don’t know. That’s not much help.

    The slideshow(s) worked perfectly.

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    1. i like seeing the changes. i also like how my mood or daily changes effect my art. i don’t suspect all readers will appreciate the fluctuation in my art/stlye…but it is part of me as an artist.
      i am going to keep all pages as is for now.
      thank you!!

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