the motherhood game

have i ever felt
more defeated?
more hopeless?
i am never going to win
i wail to the moon
a new moon
somewhere lost
in the clouds &
like me
trying to renew…
i’m never going
i sigh
as if this is a game

i have been busy. writing. arting. surviving. i keep on drawing because i do not want to drown in my own emotions.

dream lover

things can only get better


zen pajamas

16 thoughts on “the motherhood game

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  1. Emje, make sure you have people close by that can be supportive. We can support you online, but sometimes you need extra hands! Take one minute at a time. Only one minute at a time. I hope things get better soon for you! ~ M

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      1. Lol… easy to feel overwhelmed. Im sure you do your best and assuming you’ve not murdered or sold any of them that’s something at least.

        If you do sell them blonde ones go for more.. Worth keeping in mind 😉

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