nothing for free

my brand new therapist says i tend to give it away & then i don’t get any respect & then i end up with lazy men who don’t appreciate me or feel inclined to care about me….

i really like my brand new therapist.

in the spirit of therapy, here are sneak peeks at pages of my art journal over on patron that you cannot see for free…but for the small price of love, respect, and a dollar.

a dream of mud men…terrifying…or is it?

a page on what i would do then vs. what i will do now when a boy dares me….

& a post on what is really safe…what is really sane….

7 thoughts on “nothing for free

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  1. Emje,
    It sounds like you’ve got a good therapist. Good for you! I think we all need one from time-to-time! I continue to love your artwork. I wish I could contribute as a patreon as well. As it is, I’m having to figure out my pennies to make ends meet here. If I ever win the lottery…of course you have to play to win, which requires money…that I don’t have. Sooo….yeah. Ugh. Such is life, my friend. I hope you win the lottery by making tons of money as a well-known, well-established artist who can command thousands for her work! Then I can go the museum and see it up close and personal! Much love to you and infinite hugs, Mona

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