illustrator for hire

on wednesday, i go in for a job interview
at the local food cooperative
you know,
working with food
which i am super qualified to do
do i want to do it?
dropping the reins in a show of frustration
i put iggy & fidget in charge
& took the day off to just draw & draw
& think
wouldn’t it be so super awesome
to get paid
to just draw
& draw?

some of what i drew, is over on my patreon site. a couple of pages of a moses jones study as i get ready to do more pages of my favorite dystopian zombie fighting mama….


2 thoughts on “illustrator for hire

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  1. Emje, In theory, it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? A dream job! I remember when I used to play with canvas and paints not too many years ago. I actually made some decent money doing it. It was a wonderful outlet and I loved creating and getting in touch with God, because to this day, I believe this is when I always felt closest to Him. It was God, me and the canvas…not that my creations were masterpieces or anything…still, I’d get into this flow and the world stopped and it was always an amazing experience and God and I would have the best talks. I think I need to get back into painting again just for the sake of my soul. However, with that being said, I always hated when I was “hired” by someone to create a canvas for them. I always seemed to create something they liked, even loved, but…ugh. Talk about stifling because there were always parameters about what they wanted and what colors I could use or couldn’t use! Anyway, I hope you have better luck with that than I did. Mona

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    1. sometimes i think commissions are fun because i get to do something i might not have done. fortunately, no one has put too many restrictions on my illustrations & commissions so far–i can see how that would be stifling!
      art is definitely good for the soul–whether paid or unpaid 🙂

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