if you want me, you can find me…

my email is quixoticmama@outlook.com

3 thoughts on “if you want me, you can find me…

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    1. i’m trying to figure some things out. right now i am busy with several projects & trying to keep up with posting here & on instagram just feel like trying to fill up a bucket with a hole in it. i feel pretty frustrated with “social media” as it seems to take more out of me (it takes so much out of me!) than it benefits me. i would like to build a proper website to sell art–but i lack the skills. i am mostly focusing on things right now that might help me make a living with my art & writing. finishing projects. building my patreon. collaborations & illustration jobs. etc. i will probably post updates & whatnot & keep an eye on people i love…but i need some time to figure out what’s next.
      thank you for asking! ❤


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