fuck it

i don’t own a smart phone
i can’t do “text speak”
i even use
correct punctuation
in every correspondence
spelling out
even though it takes five minutes
without a keyboard
on my phone.
if you have sent me a dic pic
my phone won’t open
“big” files
that’s why i haven’t
texted you back.

i used to correspond with a guy who always pictured me as living in the 1800s because of my quirks & lifestyle.
ha! i found this in the shed out back where farm equipment goes to die. you bet your fucking ass i am mowing my multiple acres of lawn with it.
suck on that modern society.
RIP zero-turn mower.

i decided to skip the trip to iowa, saving money that would have been spent on gas & food for the trip. & to work on art commissions that will mean more income.
i know i will get out of this trap i have dug. i know i will.
just not today.

21 thoughts on “fuck it

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  1. I LOVE those kinds of mowers! I used to have one and Don gave it away. I was so irritated. Now he has to mow the lawn alone always, with his big farty rider mower. That’s the price he pays.
    Any gal with the wherewithal to do all that mowing, will find a way where she wants to go.

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    1. i was so excited to see that it actually worked…however, the lawn has gone wild in spots & this mower is struggling with it. i might have to sharpen up a scythe (there are a few in the shed) & get busy with that. what’s surprising is that i haven’t gotten around to sharpening up a scythe before now.
      when i pack & move. you can bet your ass i am taking some of these midieval weapons…er…tools….

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      1. Oil and Celtic axe-throwing arm power! When it got too long in places I would push the mower really fast, lift it slightly, and let it spin over the grass. Worked every time, unless there was a stick, then it just clunked awkwardly. It’s super exhausting but that’s what we get when we let the lawn get too long…
        Ooo a scythe? That’s amazing

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      2. i will try that. right now i am just repeatedly ramming the difficult bits (pretty much my approach to life.)
        sticks everywhere! but i am getting the hang of it. i just oiled it up.


      3. (broccoli secretly wants to kill us–it’s tired of its “good for you” reputation & desires to be the bad boy of the vegetable group)

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      4. this mower is probably an antique. i am trying to figure out how to adjust it. or rig it to cut the grass taller…i think this mower is my new hobby.

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    2. my children, who know where every zpmbie-fighting weapon can be found here, fetched me a scythe today. i am satisfied in a way i never knew i could be. i think i know now what has gone wrong with our modern society.

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      1. right? i have ptsd from living in the “quiet” countryside with all the goddamned tractors & mowers going as soon as anything starts to grow.

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