running with wolves

i just know you guys
are all
holy fuck will she ever shut up about her patreon page
here i am again
pimping myself
taunting you with a little taste
to lure you
to spend a some money
on me

the picture above is one of the pages of my latest series, “running with wolves,” where i examine my feral nature.
also, i have done pages on my latest epiphany–the one where i realize i have deluded myself into believing i had “true love”–twice–fucking it up both times.
turns out
i’m not a fuck up…i’m just delusional.

i am trying, in addition to supporting my own creative nature, to learn to support other artists & writers as well.
if you are interested in some kind of swap, let me know.
you all are totally worth it. reading your stuff & looking at your art brightens my every day & often inspires me.

3 thoughts on “running with wolves

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  1. I’ve been wanting to send gifts to every one who was so kind to me during the worse time ever, I will be sending you a necklace!! It might me a month or two months from now but I will be sending you some snail mail because you’ve just been one of the sweetest and I am so lucky to have you as a writing friend! once I get caught up with my bills I’ll be in your patreon squad! i want to see more wolf and angel drawings.

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    1. thank you! that means the world to me! i was going to comment on your heaven collection post about how inspirational you are to me, but i worry that i’m being too gooey ❤ you are awesome. you have such a lovely energy about you.

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