the turkey stands alone

all of my livestock went to live
with a very nice red-haired farmer
who knows what the fuck he is doing
& isn’t just winging it
like some kind of off-kilter homesteading maniac…
i think i learned
many many things
from my livestock experiment 
(not to be confused with my motherhood experiment)
although some of what i learned
is very similar to my motherhood
my yard emptied out
no more ducks…chickens…goats…or sheep
just the turkey stands alone
and i feel 
a lot
but also
a little

i’m telling the minions…it’s a new chapter…a new episode of our lives. change is not necessarily a bad thing. change can be good. really really good. 
but it’s still sad.

meanwhile, i have gotten a little done over on my patreon page.

and a birthday card & a patron card

11 thoughts on “the turkey stands alone

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      1. my 10 year old is extremely attached to him. he is a pet. i’m not sure what we will do…if he didn’t gobble so loudly, we might be able to hide him in a backyard. he’s old for his breed & doesn’t get around very well. i’m not sure he will still be alive by the time we move. it might be moot.

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      2. every time hamlet (the turkey) hears a loud noise–he answers it with his gobble. i think indoors might be more than i can handle. as it is, he will sit under an open window & gobble at the radio if all else is quiet–driving me crazy.

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