i will rise again

i am in the midst
of an artist’s block…
my pen won’t cooperate
my hand ignores
everything i tell it
my muses have all gone

i have been trying to do art journal pages, but i have ended up ripping out pages, ripping up pages, re-doing the same picture over & over & over….
something is amiss.
but i am working on it.
& i am not giving up.

the above is a birthday postcard being sent to a friend…
below are a couple of sneak peeks of art journal pages over on my patreon page…i have been relying heavily on edward gorey to help me through my block…interestingly enough, i drew two different self-portraits with my arms thrown up in the air….


12 thoughts on “i will rise again

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  1. If writers, artists, and musicians could churn out beautiful work 24/7, it would become so pervasive it would be nothing more than background. Art derives its value from its scarcity, and I don’t necessarily mean its price tag. I mean its intrinsic value – the way art juxtaposes against the world to give us insight, or inspiration, or to shock us out of mindless devotion to some antiquated institution.
    It’s rare when something can do that, but when you find it, you know it was worth waiting for. I love your work and always look forward to your posts. Thanks for everything.

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    1. thank you ❤
      making art soothes my demons…but i am not too worried about feeling blocked because i know it will come back & in the meantime, my demons seem to be behaving themselves & allowing me to quietly find my way.

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    1. yes. i’m still drawing while blocked. the art fairies did not like the beer i put out for them (neither did i.) they really like whiskey…but if i buy whiskey…i drink it.
      i have been drawing through my block, but my art isn’t happening the way it usually does. & this is frustrating for me.
      thank you!
      the phoenix was easy because it was just putting water down & then spilling ink in the water–which is fun & easy for me.
      i might have to go out & buy whiskey because my art journal is just staring at me waiting for the magic…& i can’t remember where i left the magic.


      1. Can you just blank out? Always helps me. Or be like, “I’m going to draw/write the stupidest, worst thing ever.” That always comes up with entertaining, if not good, results 😂

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      2. i did draw a pretty bad one that i kept messing around with & eventually liked…. & i did like the last one i put up on patreon. i asked myself, “what would van gogh do?”

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