fish fingers & custard

we got the eleventh series of doctor who
from the library
jodie whittaker’s first season
as the doctor
we are beyond excited
i am making fish fingers
& custard
as we have been watching
the matt smith episodes
i could not find custard
in the aisles of a midwestern grocery
& all the pudding had food dye &
corn syrup
so i am making custard from scratch
it is ridiculously
easy to make…
i may suck
in other areas of motherhood
but i know how to
celebrate a new

in other news…i need to find a place to live. as soon as possible. i can feel the need to be out of here. it sticks to my skin & makes me irritable like time is running out and i do not know what my mom is capable of so i just want to be gone…to be
a ghost….

a quick & messy inking of me as the fourth doctor, a man who opened windows in my young mind….


6 thoughts on “fish fingers & custard

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    1. it is delicious! the boys did not like dipping fish sticks in it however.
      i am excited about the series. from the first episode it looks like they are trying new things & new directions–which is fun 🙂 i tend to feel hesitant with each doctor change–but then i am all, “no, this is the best doctor ever.”

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      1. It certainly has a bit of a throwback feel and is just a whole lot of fun . I am with the boys when it comes to dipping fish fingers in custard it really not appropriate.

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  1. Haha, gross, you actually did the fish fingers and custard! Blech. Kudos for the homemade custard though.
    I love all the Dr. Who’s so much. I wish they could just… be a regular TV show that comes out weekly does silly sci-fi, instead of holding themselves up to this impossible standard and constantly skipping years so they can make the best season ever, or whatever. I miss them when they go on hiatus, and they always go on hiatus.

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