fallen XI

i want to
the world burn
as i drink
the blood of my
other times
i’m happy
lazing about a meadow
wild flowers
finding dinosaurs in the
you know
before setting the world
& using my enemies’ skulls

life is just so much easier as the devil than as a single mother of four isolated in the flat lands of illinois.

this is the second version i did of this one. usually i will go with the first version unless i royally fuck it up. but every once in awhile, i do a second version because i cannot bring myself to post the first one.
this was a case of that.
i liked the first version, but i was a bit frumpy in it.
jesus, i’m frumpy enough in real life, i thought to myself. if i’m going to be the devil, i want to look good doing it.
so here is my version of my looking good.

and i drew clothes on me for those of you who think i always do nudes because i’m too lazy to draw clothes (ha!)

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