color me goofy

i cannot get anything done today. seems i am chained to my drawing desk. doing art on demand so misha–& now poppy–can have pages to color. this is what i get for refusing to buy coloring books….

so when i suggested that instead of drawing me & dusty riding a swan, i could draw poppy & misha on a swan, poppy shouted, “i get to be in front!”
misha refused to compromise.
so i drew me & her dad–and i made sure that i got to be in front.

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  1. Do your children like to draw as well? Lucky them for having a creative mummy. My two are grown up now and I miss the fun times we spent doing art and crafts together.

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    1. they do like to draw. my 13 year old is a brilliant artist. my 10 year old (also brilliant) tends to judge his own art by mine & his brother’s even though i have talked to him about individual style. my 7 & 5 year old draw also, but then when they watch me do art, they start requesting i do it for them as well. i keep telling them they could draw this themselves, but like many things still, they want me to do it for them.

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