needless pt. 2

pisses me off
i keep my needs
until they become
& eventually
i erupt
covering anyone near me
& i am left to punish
for having had
to begin with
for having let
my needs
to create injury….
what would happen
i wonder
if i just asked
for what

continuing my brain dig for answers about my inability to have healthy normal needs…or being unable to deal with them in a healthy normal way.
the thought on this page is continued onto the next post i am doing–“needless pt. 3″…so stay tuned, my lovelies.

i went through my old journals last night. four journals of self-portraits. i was trying to figure out who to re-create & who would stay put. alas alack, there are so many self-portraits i just love…which i suppose is a good thing…but i really should narrow them down unless i am going to try to publish an encyclopedia of me….
anyhoo. going through all my old stuff kind of inspired the illustrations for the two pages i worked on last night (needless pt. 2 & pt. 3)

dude, i am almost done with a fifth journal of self-portraits, and i haven’t even picked any from that journal yet….
encyclopedia of me it is!

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