fallen VI

it’s a relief really
your own heart
saying to the
catholic teachings
that tried to school you
right & wrong
huh…you were right
but more importantly
the devil
and, that, my love
is just the very
tippy top
of the

i was having an epiphany when i wrote this page. it all made sense like when you just wake up from a dream knowing the meaning of life.
i will call this an exercise so that it is not overwhelming for you, but it is much more than that to me.
this exercise has opened my eyes & offered me a new way of looking at my life. a new way of looking at the world around me.
i hope i am able to flush it out.
perhaps it will become a book someday….

i have my pandora programmed with a handful of artists & she plays me a random selection based on that…i am amazed at how many songs have references to the devil & demons & angels. i guess i shouldn’t be amazed, it is so much a part of all of us.

we pretend to be “human” but what are we, really? i think we have forgotten.
i, for one, think it is time to remember.

4 thoughts on “fallen VI

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    1. thank you ❤ like my beloved baby "moses jones," fallen is getting lukewarm response from the masses at large (though seemingly enjoyed by a more select audience), but since i ultimately make my art for my own peace of mind…i try not to think about it too much. my catholic brain twinges a bit when i post these, and i wait to be struck down, but so far so good on those accounts.

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