i just had to
after receiving it in a message
it was the message
three little letters
i still feel the pull
to put a “dear” & a
but i live in a world
of incomplete
complete thoughts
complete sentences
about it
but i cannot say for sure why
i suddenly feel
like a dinosaur
in a
time machine

(did everyone’s editor switch to hot pink? man, i’m loving the hot pink.)

ps. i totally wish my eyebrows were this full. i think i might start magic markering them in…or get eyebrow plugs.

11 thoughts on “nevermind

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    1. that does not surprise me–none of it.
      your poetry reveals a craving for an order of things.
      i read it & think, he’s an air sign. being a water sign, i love it when your order breaks down a little and i get to see some of your fantastic emotions.
      i do understand being a grammar fanatic, however. i have my pet grammar nitpicks. i am mad for gerunds & notice every time one is abused…which is all the fucking time. i also have a soft spot for the forgotten “whom.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I always correct people (even people in TV and movies) when they use who but should have used whom. I’m also relentless about people’s consistent mispronunciation of words like caramel, vehement, and mischievous…

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      2. ha! that is awesome. (i also talk to the tv & radio to correct them–much to the chagrin of my children.) but i am very guilty of mispronunciations. i usually give up halfway through a word & wait for the inevitable correction 😀 being a lazy reader, my brain often does not have all the letter sounds available to pronounce some words.


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