speaking of damaged masterpieces…

when i did this american gothic self-portrait in my art journal last summer, i did it with some free verse about corporate farming.
as i draw & paint a final draft of it today, i feel like it is a commentary on patriarchy.

i really love love love how it turned out. i worked really hard on it, praying the whole time i would not fuck up nor would i be attacked my crazed minions. at one point misha was chasing bluejean around my feet as i worked, and i had the foresight to step away and wait for her game to move away from my desk.
my art skills seem to be cooperating with my ideas these past few days. (thank you art fairies!)

mansplaining and the whole phenomenon of men just feeling the need to tell me how to live my life. men thinking they know me better than i know me.
fuck a duck, y’all.
i might be lost, but goddammit i am not asking a man for directions.
as much as i love y’all for having cocks & all–don’t act like one.
i will burn this motherfucker down.
i’ve got the match.

11 thoughts on “speaking of damaged masterpieces…

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    1. thank you! i like you too ❤ i love sacred hearts & catholic art. i didn't do it on purpose, but i am happy if it looks like one. i did notice it was close to heart location. xxoo

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    1. it drives me crazy. when i’m being polite, i tend to allow this behavior, apparently. that’s what i get for being polite. i just want to shout, “i’m smarter than you–knock it off!” maybe i will have a t-shirt made.

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    1. thank you! i have just been selling art through this website. on the “love for sale” page are most of the pieces i have available. more recent works–such as my american gothic piece–have not yet been added to that page. i do not have prices listed as my work is varying sizes & mediums (though mostly ink). i also do commissions or can make a finished piece of art out of one of my journal pages (which are roughs of ideas.)


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