broken window

i am a stained glass 
with a rock thrown
i am 
a trampled
a torn canvas
a half-remembered 
i am irreparably
i am perfectly
blood stains 
on a white carpet
i will never be
what i once
could have been
i will be something
even better
more complete
more interesting
with a story to tell
& a lesson 
the hard way
(thereby easier
to remember.)

i’ve never really looked this closely at “the creation of adam” by michelangelo.
adam is totally, yo–what’s up god?
god should be all–don’t bother to get up adam, it’s just your lord breathing life into you. no, why get up? why put on a pair of pants just for the guy who just gave you the garden of eden?
as adam barely even lifts his arm to finger bump his creator.
also, lucky for me, michelangelo drew adam with plenty of curves so he was easy to translate to my body.
however, adam is surprisingly hairless. so i did have to add body hair.

i like how this one turned out.

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