(to be sung to the tune of “creep” by radiohead….)

i would just like
to announce
that i have never
won a blog award
and after like
three years here?
i do not even have
can anyone beat me
at losing?
(i don’t belong here…
i don’t belong here….)

i have been meaning to do this post for awhile. when people “like” something of mine, i check out their blogs & undoubtedly, they are celebrating their 4 millionth follower after two months of blogging & have at least that many awards. usually, those folks don’t actually follow me–i suspect they themselves are fishing for more followers. maybe that’s why they have so many followers. they are good at the fishing.

but, you know what, i love the followers i do have because i know they are following me despite my massive unpopularity & inability to work social media. and i totally get excited each time i get a new follower.

also! anyone i am following, you can know i am following you because i genuinely like your blog. no gimmicks. i just like you.
unlike on twitter or instagram where people will follow me until they realize i am not following them back, and then quit me…breaking my poor little heart…
unlike that, i am sincere about who i follow. i never even check to see if you follow me back.
not that i have the attention span to do that….

and as for awards.
i am not here for awards.
(in fact i have seen on a couple blogs that they actually have a “no awards accepted” thingy…not that i need one–but i totally respect that.)
i am here to share my story & to share my art for anyone who is interested or who feels akin to my words & inkings.
so i am not really counting my followers or waiting for awards. i am here to express myself and to connect with authentic folks like you.

the art above is a postcard i made one time when i was at zinefest and the printing company did not have my postcards done on time. so i made postcards to sell while i sat at my table at zinefest–which ended up being more fun than having already made postcards.
i have stuffed lion just like the one in the inking. lisa the lion, although she is 40 some years old & tattered to bits.


20 thoughts on “(to be sung to the tune of “creep” by radiohead….)

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  1. Don’t feel bad. I’ve been blogging for about 7 years lol and just reached 800 subscribers! I think some of it has to do with the fact that some people are better at things like marketing, SEO, etc. perhaps. I know I don’t put any thought really into SEO or anything like that. I do try to do some self-promotion of my blog, but I hate self promoting, so that gets in my way lol. By the way, I adore the drawing you shared here!

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  2. I realized quickly who my “real” followers are. They’re the people who matter to me. The others; whatever, everyone uses these platforms differently, to each their own I guess.

    And those awards . . . yeah, they aren’t awards. They seem like nothing more than a chain letter veiled in false admiration. I did a few when I first started my blog, but it became apparent, soon enough, what they were really about. And again, no offense to anyone to enjoys that sort of thing; it’s just not for me.

    And Christ, I just started a Twitter account a couple of days ago because I thought it would be a good idea to use it to promote my writing, and I freakin’ hate it. It is so weird there, and every other thing I see is something political. And if it’s something that shouldn’t be political, they somehow make it political. My writing world is where I go to get away from all that shit. And the level of pure narcissism reeking from that place is on par with the parting of the red sea. Maybe I’m just too old or not woke enough, but I don’t get it.

    Anyway, maybe I’m just being negative today, who knows. I dig your blog, so there’s that, I guess. Consider that an award.

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    1. thank you!
      i had to quit twitter because last time i went on there i somehow found myself in a pool of negative & highly sexualized tweeters & just ended up feeling icky every time i checked my twitter feed.
      it is pretty weird there. at least on instagram there is very little interaction.
      i like tumblr too, but they are going through some weirdness right now.

      i really kind of like the intimacy of my small community. i think if i had thousands of followers i would freak out and go live in a cave.
      much like when i was a kid & freaked out because i had too many stuffed animals so i locked them all in a closet.

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    1. thank you ❤ that is sweet!
      i am okay with no awards because gosh darnit, i like me 😉
      i never got any valentines as a kid either.
      i'm like the charlie brown of blogging


  3. Yeah. I’m not into fake followers or likes either. I periodically go through my “followers” and delete fake accounts and those that have never even liked a single thing and the fishermen. At least the ones I can detect. I have 700 followers supposedly but I think only about 40 real ones. Some days I want to delete everything. Yesterday I did like you checked a follower on Instagram who interestingly one hour after I posted a poem had posted one that was clearly (and not very cleverly) a rip-off of mine. I deleted her as a follower of mine. Let her find someone else to steal from….

    Anyway all that to say, I understand you. I think we sort of think the same way at times. Personally, I love your art AND your poems AND the personal notes.

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    1. thank you ❤
      that is low-down. i at least always give credit when i steal stuff
      there is something to be said for authenticity. there is actually a lot to be said for it.
      when i was a kid, i valued quantity over quality, now that i have sort of grown up, i only care about quality ❤

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  4. I’ve made it all the way up to about 480…then I went back at one point and deleted every person who hadn’t liked any of my most recent 10 posts. When I was done, I had about 48 followers. I’ve gotten a few awards, but I don’t really think it’s anything to get excited about because they are awards given by bloggers to other bloggers. Additionally, the statistics preclude their pointlessness – for instance. Let us say that an award says to give that same award to just 5 other bloggers, then its algorithm is n^(n^x) where x is the iterative count. So the recipients (should everyone abide by the rules) would go as follows:
    1 – 5 – 25 – 125 – 625 – and so on. By iteration 15, it’s 6,103,515,625. So by iteration 16, there are more of that award than there are people on the earth.
    That being said, I enjoy answering the questions when I get awards, but I don’t actually like receiving them.

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    1. i love answering questions!
      but i really don’t want awards. i just always have that brief flicker of “why don’t they love me?” and then i take my ball & go home 😉
      i love that you did all of that math. that’s awesome.

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      1. I just realized my algorithm was wrong. It’s just n^x where n is the number of awards given out and x is the iteration. Anyway…
        I used to be like, “There’s all these hacks on here getting liebster awards and everything else…what gives?” Eventually, I started getting awards and was like, “I don’t know why I thought I wanted this…this is dumb.”

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      2. haha!
        i would not have caught it. after i passed senior math in high school, i flushed math out of my head.
        i can however still list all the prepositions in alphabetical order & write a text book essay.

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