itchy fingers

no pages written
no pictures drawn
looking at other people’s art
& being
when i will get it right
when i will
win the race
trying to find my way
and feeling like
i’m going in circles
today is a new day
in all fairness
so was

just me. fucking around with lines & colors & concept after looking enviously at the art of other artists on instagram.
i looked through five journals today, trying to figure out which of my self-portraits i like the best to do a final draft of. that is a lot of me to look at. and although–yay–i like a great number of my self-portraits, i suppose i am going to have to narrow it down. maybe i will try to get some audience participation 
who wants to pick self-portraits for me?
i also worked to edit my short story, “together, tangled” while sharing my laptop with three minions who think they should all come first. c’mon kid, is daniel tiger more important than my becoming a successful writer? 
i guess that depends.
eventually, i got tired of the editing & pulled out my journal to see what would happen if i put pen to paper.
but even in my goofing off, i am working towards being a better artist, a better writer. 
i feel very grateful that the things i love to do are the things that i love to do. 


6 thoughts on “itchy fingers

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      1. Haha…. uuhhh yeahhhh…. I do not envy you. But. Here is a trick I’ve learned. Can you stack them up in a pile?? If so, put them in a pile. Don’t look for a couple days. Then sit down when you won’t be distracted (ha!) and ruthlessly flip through spending no more than ONE second per each pic. Have a (+) and a (-) pile. Don’t second guess. Flip quickly. If you need help with timing, say “one and” with each flip so: “one and -flip, one and -flip, one and -flip”… this removes the emotional aspect and relies almost entirely on knee-jerk art.

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      2. they are in journals which makes it a little tricky–but i think i can do something like that. i haven’t even looked in my current journal–i know there are more i feel strongly about. the ones i like the best i will do a final draft of. i don’t know how many i am willing to do. it might be a few years before i am done!

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