used to be
you had to go to 
the fields
in the woods
with a neighbor
if you wanted to eat
you worked together
with your tribe
your clan
your society 
to make sure everyone ate
now it’s drive up
drive through
don’t stop
don’t even get out of your car
fast food, liquor, now your groceries
no eye contact
don’t look up from 
your phone
…do you call this progress?
to me
it feels like
a breakdown
a disconnect

this might not be a popular opinion. okay, obviously not a popular opinion. but it is mine. i couldn’t even draw myself holding a smartphone i hate them so much. that is not me. someone else there. 
i hate drive-throughs almost as much as i hate smartphones. i get my ass out of the car, unpack the minions, walk in, and do what i need to do. 
am i a martyr? 
some might say i am being a martyr.
fuck that 
i am trying to retain human contact because i think community is dire to our survival. i don’t even like people…and i have serious social anxiety. 
but i get the fuck out of my car and talk to people and make eye contact.

because what happens if we lose even more of our connection to each other?  

11 thoughts on “disconnect

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  1. this truth. I’ve written about it as well. The smaller the world gets with tech the more disconnected and disjointed it feels. I don’t know if my social anxiety was as bad when I had to interact. But now that I do not I feel it grow daily.

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