yellow brick road

change of narrative
turns out
i’m so totally the cowardly lion
as glinda
to say in that 
trilling voice of hers
“but, emje, you have had confidence
all along.”
i recognized
plenty of times
my inner strength
but dismissed it as not being
in equal measures
but just now
listing in my head
(while taking a shower
of course)
all the times
in my life
i have 
i’m all
what the fuck, lady?
let’s get this party 

the cowardly lion has always been my favorite of the wizard of oz characters. i never really knew why. but now i have some suspicions. i was totally going to do me as dorothy, but i actually look a lot like dorothy in real life. so i chose to be glinda, because–as it turns out–i am both the good witch & the cowardly lion in my own story of oz. 

also, check it out, here is the list (so far!) that i started while taking a shower. well, in my head…later writing it down when there was less chance of my getting drippy all over my journal….
check it out. 

i am so totally a super hero.
or, at least, not cowardly. definitely not cowardly.

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  1. i forgot to put in the list & just spent the last several minutes wrestling with wordpress’s new editor while minions screamed for my attention…but–it’s there now.

    somewhere i still have a valentine’s day card with the cowardly lion on it that i used to hang on my wall ❤

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