if things are a bit wonky….

okay…so i am trying to make my site look a little less chaotic.
a bit more “professional,” make it easier to identify art for sale, etc.
i am not skilled at web building. i am more of a cricket than a spider. …or a mantis…. can i be a mantis? they get to eat heads & stuff.
i am playing around within my own limitations as well as the limitations of a free wordpress website. however, if anyone wants to donate any help or do it for trade. i am open to suggestions.

speaking of art & being a working artist…
i have been working on illustrating a story for an awesome writer. i am nearly done with it, & wanted to put out this teaser to get y’all excited for that. (i’m excited for that.)
i will keep you updated.


11 thoughts on “if things are a bit wonky….

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  1. LOL, it does sound fun to eat heads and stuff! I hope you are able to get it done. I’m no expert at WordPress either, but I try to make my blog easily accessible and easy to use as well. I do think it helps if you can upgrade your account, but it isn’t necessary and I know it can be expensive.

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    1. thanks! my big concern right now is how to present my art that is for sale in a way that showcases it. i need go through my art & separate out the ones ready for sale. i would like to have less pages–several need to be consolidated. i will be working on that soon.

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