INKtober twenty-eighth

i am autumn
i am change
i am ready
to rest
to let go
to prepare

…if i survive winter.
i felt calm, hopeful even, when i wrote this as i watched the wind blow across the blue sky outside my window.
then something cracked & damaged inside me shifted. my rabies flared up.
now i am not so sure that i am anything other than a dead mom walking.
maybe i am not meant to rest.
like my own dear mother always said, “no rest for the wicked.”

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  1. Let your soul rest in the winter. You need times of silence and fallow to allow your spirit to burst forth into new fresh life in spring. It’s the natural way. You are not broken. You just need to allow the dead leaves to fall from your branches and do that part of their job. They absorbed and converted sunlight for you when they were buds and green. Now they give you back their water and need to drop, covering and protecting your roots from the cold of icy winter. And then in the spring, they’ll provide a boost of nourishment as you put forth new life. Truly. This is the same idea as the vortex and stars drawing.

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