INKtober twenty-seventh

i don’t want
to feel
every time i see a forever
in love
i don’t want
to feel
wondering what is wrong with
that i am denied
that perfect
i hold on
imagining strong arms around me
feeling that warm embrace
knowing love evades me
i am doomed
to am amazing
& an empty

i do not know what is going on here. it appears my vagina is a black hole vomiting stars. okay.
i draw what comes into my head.
sometimes i have an idea.
sometimes the idea has me.
as always, you are welcome to analyze my art & let me know what my subconscious is trying to say.

11 thoughts on “INKtober twenty-seventh

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  1. My eyes immediately went to the vortex and I wondered why your vagina was dizzying. Then reading you refer to it as a black home vomiting stars only reinforced the odd magnetism of it. Then as I typed this I at first wrote the id magnetism. What dies that say about me?

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  2. I. LOVE. This. The picture: perfect. Love the clouds and the vortex and the stars and the look on her face. And her arms. Yes. And then the poem. Damn, emje, I know exactly because I’m right there with you. Completely.

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    1. thank you!
      i thought of you when i was doing this page.
      i also realized that i started out trying to do a drawing about destruction & anger and it somehow turned into a drawing about creation.

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