INKtober ninteenth

when you spend
so many years of your
with that one
one person
death & life
divorce & marriage
though all the hoops
life throws
at you
when you spend so much
of your
all in one place
hearts become woven
tight like knots
to untie
even when you use your
when you spend so much
of your
he somehow becomes a part
of you
too much
a part

i started out thinking “picasso” but kind of ended up all “sideshow bob.”

how do people ever recover from long term relationships…or is it like when someone dies–you never really get over it, you just learn to live with the loss? so with relationships gone wrong–you just have to learn to live with that leftover love?

leftover love. sounds like the start of another page.

3 thoughts on “INKtober ninteenth

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  1. each of my long term loves carry there own cathedral in my heart. musty foreboding places. but when i walk through them the frescoes are lovely reminders of days gone. there is longing there and i keep the doors chained shut most of the time. but certain storms through them open and i am not strong enough to resist a trip inside.

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  2. I consider it like… the new normal?? I don’t know. For me it was twenty years. I mean, fortunately nowadays we get along pretty well and I can still consider him a friend, so… in my case, not such a wretched thing, I guess. I suppose this comment was no help…

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