INKtober sixteenth

i don’t know
if i should
live or die
make the best
of a
just don’t…
my heart’s not into it
this game of
my heart
during intermission
my life is
an intermission
as the band says
should i stay
should i

so this is completely stupid. i started watching a tv show on netflix. a mediocre tv show that reminded me of all the cop/detective shows i so so loved as a child.
the mysteries of laura…it even has a stupid name.
& yet i let it be my soothsayer.
the series begins as the lead character–a strong, intelligent, & stubborn woman, is just divorcing her adorable but cheating asshole of a husband.
the show was pretty predictable & the characters lacked depth and each episode was neatly wrapped up in 50 minutes….but i was glued to the series as i waited to see what would happen between laura & her cheating ex, jake.
he was devoted to getting her back.
she found a hot new guy.
but then dumped him when she realized she was still in love with jake.
jake proposed to someone else… (so much for devotion.)
and the second season ended…not to be renewed by nbc.

fuck a fucking duck.
my magic eightball went ka-put.
and i sobbed like a toddler who dropped her ice cream on the hot sidewalk.

so i’m kind of disgusted with myself right now.
really actually pretty much
and i’m probably going to cry myself to sleep again tonight.

thanks nbc.
think of that next time you decide to cancel a show.

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  1. The only cop show I’ve ever been able to watch is ‘The Wire’. I highly recommend it. You’ll be too busy shouting ‘WTF’ to shed any tears. And you live pretty close to the city of Bodymore as well… it’s the perfect dose of escapism (in the Goldilocks zone)

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      1. The thing is some of them are far too fairy tale like to be good for your mental health. This show sounded like one of those.

        Liked by 1 person

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