INKtober thirteenth

i hope
i want you
for healthy reasons
i hope
i have
& am ready
to embrace
the ups & downs of a grown up
i fear
i want you
for unhealthy reasons
you almost destroyed me
maybe you can
finish me off
this time
i suspect
i want you
due to a gypsy’s
how else
could my heart
so suddenly
with every ounce of energy
it has
in your
from out of nowhere
i fall in love
of someone searching for

6 thoughts on “INKtober thirteenth

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    1. i actually haven’t had doritos in years (just because i have stopped buying most products made by questionable corporations)…but i imagine, in a post-apocalyptic landscape, they would be quite the item of desire.

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  1. I have an unhelpful tendency to idolize people, so I tend to remain silent for fear of gushing inappropriately….
    Have you ever looked at other people’s creations and thought, wow. I wish I could do that. Not that you wish to diminish the value of what you can do, but the others creations strike such a personal cord. Their creativity and manner of expression is what you would aspire to but could only ever emulate poorly.
    This being said….

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    1. thank you! i am so glad my art resonates with you ❤
      i constantly look at other people's creations & wish i could express myself as well as they do. i'm getting better–learning to appreciate my own…that being said, gush all you like–i am desperately seeking validation 🙂

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