ocean of tears

why do i feel
so heavy
why do i feel
like i am made
of lead
sinking further
into the earth
with each
i cannot
how heavy am i?
how heavy is this?
loneliness is
density is
an anchor
on my soul
dragging me
to depths
where the weight of this
will finally

sometimes i feel like it has all been said before. like even i have said it all before. of course there is probably a good reason there is a universal suffering. a human condition. but at least i painted a pretty picture to go with it.

today i called on both my dodo bird & my giant squid. (two of my power animals)

13 thoughts on “ocean of tears

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      1. no! i never have. i used to do inkstain paintings where i would spill ink & find images in it (my collection of whimsical ink)…i found a dodo bird dancing with a monkey in one & have loved them ever since. something about them appeals to me.

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  1. I love the painting (of course I do!) and I love the writing too. Sure, it’s all been said before. It’s what makes us human. The art, the beauty in love and tragedy. Somehow the sadness is gorgeous and the beauty: tragic and the anger: content.

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  2. A dodo bird dancing with a monkey, how awesome, that brought a smile to my face!
    You have such a unique style to your art! (and I thought I was following you already…WP is such a fickle place sometimes!)

    This is so relatable and there are no words really 🌸

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