he saw my damage
he loved my damage
he wanted me to
i wanted
i wanted to heal
i wanted to fly
i wanted
he clipped
my wings
he built
my cage
he told me i should
he did all he could
so i would stay
if i was damaged
i would

this was inspired by reading mike’s manic word depot’s post “don’t want to be fixed.”

another take, i guess, on people in relationships trying to create the reality that works best for them–regardless of what is best for their partner.

i have been having a bunch of realizations (epiphanies if you will) about my relationship with the father of my children. lots of lots of stuff to dig through there.

(hey…if you are typing too fast & fuck up, “lots” turns into “lost”…which also makes me spin with epiphanies…just that word…lost….)

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  1. I am honored at my sloppy words being inspiration. And humbled at how amazing not only the words are but the art as well. It reminds me of, and please know I mean this as highest level praise, Ralph Steadman. I always felt that Hunter’s words always played better with Ralph’s art. He harnessed the underlying power of the words. Emphasized them as your art dies here.

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      1. Oh crap! I was so worried you would Google him and hate me after. I think he is so great. I’m of the Kerouac, Thompson, Ginsberg, Bukowski school. And the surrealistic art that goes with it. That era for sure. It just makes the mind spin. If I ever get published I’m asking you for art to accompany something. You can say no, but I’m asking anyway.

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      2. wow! thank you! certainly!
        i could never understand poetry until i started reading bukowski. he was my gateway to poetry.


      3. Because he took the rules and threw them away. That’s what I love about all those I mentioned. They didn’t care. I think Ralph does that with art. Those inks of his. He grabs the sixties greaser style and drops it into absinthe. The world needs more coloring outside the lines.

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    1. yes. i thought i could cure his damage while ignoring my own, which worked out perfectly for awhile because he didn’t want me to cure my own–he wanted me to only think about him. when i decided to focus on my own damage, things went to hell.


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