hidey hole

if you’re
looking for me
i’ve gone
down my tunnel
closing the entrance
behind me
burying any evidence
that i am anywhere
if you’re
looking for me
find me.
(i’m hiding)

i’m in the isolating part of my cycle…but thing is…i’m not isolating as much as i used to…so, good, right?
but i still wrote this post.

7 thoughts on “hidey hole

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      1. It was nothing like that, just a sinking feeling in the gut. The portrait was reassuring, before reading the comment at the end of the piece.
        Is that a bit of Blue Jean peaking?

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  1. Yes, you still wrote this post. So what? You didn’t hide.
    It’s kind of like when I’m at the grocery, and I have 3 items, and I get in the express line (which was the fastest moving line that INSTANTLY became the slowest moving line the moment I stepped in it because physics but if I change lines then the new line instantly becomes the slowest moving line because physics)
    , and the line moves forward, and it’s a little old lady buying a pack of gum, and SHE IS WRITING A FREAKING CHECK and
    I just want to step out of line and feed her that checkbook from the back end of her digestive tract and I know everyone else in line would totally nail me out of jail if I did it
    But because I have a 13 step fellowship tattoo in a visible place I have to stand there in line and smile like all is well because I don’t want to give the world a bad impression of 12 step fellowships
    But inside my head I’m having a total bleepfest
    That’s progress for me today.

    The moral? It’s ok to say “I wanna hide” because really, you didn’t hide and that’s progress!😙

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