update: on my desk

having art to work on
really helps that urge
to just disappear

i have started a new page of moses jones. oddly, it is very similar to some panels in the first episode. i did not do that on purpose, but it creates a nice continuity? maybe?

also! someone has commissioned work from me! well, he wanted three pieces of art, but only one of them was actually available. one is a journal page & one is a piece i am pretty sure i gave to dusty a long time back?
i am re-creating both pieces. which is both fun & daunting because i have that “don’t fuck up!” voice in my ear & 13 minions (actually four but with the combined chaos score of 13) literally bouncing off of me as i am poised with a brush full of ink trying to make a straight line. and i’m all in my head saying, “fucking michelangelo didn’t have to put up with this shit.”

maybe i should strap myself to the ceiling & do all my artwork suspended in the air.

part of the charm of my work is all the fuck-ups & messy bits, right?

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  1. “fucking michelangelo didn’t have to put up with this shit.” That quite cracked me up.

    Either you got lucky, or you always write so interestingly and I’ve gotten lucky — either way, it was a fascinating post. I love your art. I don’t know how to articulate what I love about it, but I love it. Congrats on the commission!

    My father was a professional artist, mostly portraits. He did superb pen and ink work — very representational, though. He was born in 1900 and attended three art schools, including Yale’s, where they were at the time teaching students techniques that had been around since the Renaissance.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. you got lucky, babe (that’s actually my theme song)
      thank you! i’m glad you liked it.
      my rule to writing is to entertain myself. it if cracks me up, it goes to press.

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      1. You are a delight, you know that? I am going to write to my congressperson demanding they designate you a national treasure and make you wear a bronze plaque strapped to your ass for the tourists to read.

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