my guardian dear

here is another version of a piece i did not too long ago.

The literati mafia

i felt myself
one obsession
for another
looking for a new lead in the
stories to tell myself
at night
to keep me from studying
& collapsing
into my own
stories to help me not be consumed
by own
lonely heart
and hollow
i tell myself stories
about someone
that someone
who will love me
no matter what
just a coping mechanism
oh what a coping mechanism
the fantasies my sad
little mind
think of anything else
anything but this….
smut that turned
my catholic halo
fantasies that i carried from sad childhood
to lonely adult hood…
this time
i let it go
i let it go
my new obsession
naked came he
the one to rock me to sleep
at night
except, i sent him on his way
away from me
i let go
at last
to face the night

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