circus freak

this is my every day.
seriously. in the wee hours, i’m all like, “today will be different!”
by lunchtime i am just another one of the dancing monkeys.

i do like how this one turned out. but i would also re-do it if i could. once that ink is on there–it doesn’t like to change it’s course. that’s why i work in ink rather than watercolors. i like the unforgiving nature of ink–forcing me to live with my mistakes.

update: i did find my missing comics. i found them while looking for a missing pen. i recently unclogged one of my old rapidograph pens after years of it not working.
and now i can’t find it.
it is somewhere nearby…drying out…again.
why do i choose difficult art supplies? maybe for the same reason i birthed difficult children.
i really don’t know…i just know i love them (my pens & my minions.)

14 thoughts on “circus freak

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      1. emje, my computer and operating software are as old as the difference in our ages. So the emoji appears as an empty square. And the Ram is so small i lovingly refer to it as the Kid.

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      2. i know what you mean. i do not own a smart phone & get a lot of rectangles texted to me. i just pretend they are what i want them to be. sometimes if you look at the comment on the page instead of in notifications, the emoji will show up (at least that is how it works on my old old laptop)

        it took me several minutes to understand that last part. i’m going to guess a computer joke? i am so NOT technological. but i think i finally got it!

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      1. I can imagine. But taming doesn’t necessarily mean breaking their spirit. It was more about the energy of you standing in the ring, doing that complex dance of motherhood. By the way I bet to them you already are the best mom ever.


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