a love poem

uses a feather
use a hammer
& tempts me
just whack the fuck
out of him

i so tried to draw me all “come hither” and completely failed. i am so not “come hither.” i am the hammer of love. i look like a threat…not a promise.
i don’t know how to flirt.
i don’t know how to be subtle.
i’m just all, “ya wanna fuck?”
i am not good at relationships…i scare the fuck out of men.
i wrote this because i texted someone tonight to try to entice him to come here to be my date for the reunion tomorrow.
oh my god, y’all. i am so so bad at this. i come on way too strong.
however…guy did not say “no.” so cross your fingers for my having a date to my reunion…of course, for my ten year reunion, i found a date…but i never went to the reunion…i just got laid instead.
so wish me luck!


19 thoughts on “a love poem

      1. thank you! it’s a beautiful day. i won’t interrupt that by visiting with a group of people to whom my last words were “i hope you get out in the world & open your minds a little” (i got to give a speech as salutatorian.) 🙂

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    1. he never said “no” but he came up with a million excuses about how he isn’t the kind of person to do something without planning…fucking taurus. oh well. i decided to not waste my energy on explaining to him exactly how he is full of shit. probably a good move on my part 😀

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      1. he is up in wisconsin–about 5-6 hours away. he could have just said “no thank you.” why all the excuses? i want to ask him–but i know that if i continue this conversation–knowing how persistent i can be to get an answer, he will be able to justify his decision to not visit me. i want to leave him wondering.

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