emotional genius

i’m a super
there are some pretty
i do overtime
with my emotions
i tend to
skip over
skip out
sneak in
short cuts
when it comes to developing my
my skill…
lazy lazy lazy

i wrote this after reading so so many well-thought out & highly intellectual pieces of writing.
then i was all like, “okay, don’t be so hard on yourself…i mean, you do a lot in a day. you aren’t lazy.”
but then i came back with…”do you know how many things i do half-assedly?”
and of course i know, because i am there to witness all the times in a day, in a week, in a year, in my lifetime, i pull something out of my ass or just go–“i bet this will work,” without doing the research or taking the time to learn more first.
i mean…i can’t even let my ink dry.
and then i’m all like, “fuck it, blurry ink is part of my style, y’all.”
fuck it.
my mantra.
fuck it.

but you know what i do spend a great deal of time doing thoroughly?
yes, being god-damned emotional and paying attention to my emotions as well as any emotional energy i feel floating in the ether around me as if emotions are the key to the universe.
i know emotions.
i’m not just emotionally intelligent–i am an emotional super genius.

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  1. of course i do need to stop talking about it & just start doing it. i’m breaking the number one rule of creative writing (or #6–i forget) by talking & talking–but not actually writing. so! might be some upcoming brainstorming sketches (one of my favorite parts of the creation process)

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