the ascension

so i’m totally
my life…now.
for real
right now
i am starting my life
you see
turns out
i was holding the map
upside down
but now
i’ve got it right
& i’m ready
to do this
to start my life…
(watch me go!)

i didn’t plan this one out either…but i had been wanting to throw in some stigmata…what recovering catholic can resist a little stigmata?

we are kind of in a midst of this vein (ha–no pun intended) of my art journal.
my little revelation.
ooh–revelations. there’s another good catholic outlet….

ps. it is less than a week until my 30 year high school reunion. picture every movie you’ve seen about small town high schools. yeah. that’s it.
and i was carrie…except they didn’t even like me enough to dump pig’s blood on me….
so i still don’t have a date…unless tara makes it down here in time….
should i stay or should i go? i did rsvp “no” to the sit-down steak dinner…but “maybe” to the after bar. instead of saying i had to wash my hair–i said i had to put away my livestock…which is true.
i thought it might be in bad taste to ask if anyone cool would be there. odds are no. i mean, in a class of 70-some, there were very few cool people.
& why would they come back?
(i mean other than to homestead with their four children because they were broke & twice divorced & had no where else to go?)
so i need someone super hot & dazzling to be my most awesome date ever…is david tennant available maybe?
or i will just stay home, drink a beer, and look at the stars.

5 thoughts on “the ascension

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    1. thank you! i always hesitate to call what i write “poetry” because i often feel i am about as poetic as a brick through a window…i imagine i am having a conversation–really, i am having a conversation with myself through my words & pictures. of course, there is no reason a conversation can not be poetic nor a reason a poem cannot be a conversation. i mean, i would argue for another person’s right to call what they would poetry…but then i dismiss myself as a fraud… wait, i do see the potential for some poetry here–to my art journal!
      (thank you!)

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      1. Poetry doesn’t have to be flowery, romantic, pretty. Maggie Estep did a spoken word about “I’m just using you for sex” back in the 90s (maybe?) and it was raw and it was powerful and it was wonderful. A brick through a window is poetic, too.
        Conversation as poetry, poetry as conversation, yes yes and more yes!

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