love for the lovely

is for other people
with perfect smiles
& perfect hair
& perfect lives
a love
those disheveled souls
like myself
can watch on tv
& dream
of never

who saw this one coming? i have been the virgin mother, joan of arc, the queen of hearts…it was inevitable that i would get around to being venus?

credit to “the birth of venus” by sandro botticelli 

5 thoughts on “love for the lovely

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  1. That stuff on TV isn’t love, it’s some strange, twisted caricature of love that’s brainwashing people. I think the Venus and Adonis story conveys this point to a certain extent…

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    1. i know that tv love isn’t real. it’s all a fantasy to set people up for impossible expectations. which is what love feels like to me. i think that’s where i was trying to go with that?? i will have to refresh myself on that story (venus & adonis)

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