the hunt

when i was in my twenties
i would have chased you
like a wolf pack
on a caribou
you know…
in a sexy way
i’m not sure i’ve ever been
mostly maybe
that’s what they called
girls like me
…& not in the good way
now i am a tired wolf
a timid wolf
gun shy
& a bit more leary
before i give chase…
my chase
is more of an amble
like…maybe i’ll catch up…
if you trip?
maybe you could chase
before i head on back
to my cave.

seriously. i was relentless when i was younger. i chased, and they ran. i hunted boys for sport.
but those days are long over.
i really don’t want to chase boys anymore. i don’t want to be chased either. i want something mutual and perfect. right? but does that ever happen?
i also want to be a mongolian falconer. that just sounds like a much better way to live. i wonder what romance is like in mongolia.

the colors kind of got away from me in this one. this might just be the most color i’ve used in an inking? maybe? it’s a bit over the top. but that’s what came out of me tonight.

10 thoughts on “the hunt

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  1. A Mongolian falconer sounds like an interesting thing to be, better than spending your time chasing or being chased, which to me, got old a long time ago.
    I don’t think it’s too colorful…like Tara above said—it’s perfect, the visual complements the written and vise versa.

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