out of desperation

The literati mafia

i had a dream
which spoke to me
dream me said to dream you
we did not come together out of desire…
but out of desperation
i had
had so so many relationships
you had
had none at all
locking yourself away
from everyone
both of us
desperate for love
desperate to be loved
you saw
that i was desperate enough
to love you
not desire
but desperation
when one of us
would become desperate to leave
the other would become
desperate to hold on
& we did this dance
we did this dance…
if only we could have stepped away
for a clear thought
to see
we would not have chosen each other
at all
if not for desperation…
there is no truth
in our desire
only desperation.

© quixotic mama 2018
for more art & writings by me visit quixotic mama
the image is my own,  done with…

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